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AI In the Sky (APS press conf)

The Application of Artificial Intelligence to Strong Lensing. From press conference at APS April meeting 2018.


Using AI to Find a Cosmic Looking Glass

The automation of astronomy has only just begun—and there's no telling where it will end.

[Joshua Sokol in The Atlantic]


Computer Science Technique Helps Astronomers Explore the Universe

"Deep learning" finds telltale arcs of light that indicate massive objects. [Ramin Skibba for Inside Science]


Machines Learning Astronomy

The new era of artificial intelligence & Big Data is changing how we do astronomy.
[Monica Young for Sky and Telescope Magazine]


AI in Action: Machines that make sense of the sky

[Joshua Sokol for Science Magazine]


A Case of Warped Space

Confirming strong gravitational lenses in the Dark Energy Survey
[Brian Nord and Liz Buckley-Geer for Gemini Focus Magazine]


At This Art Exhibit, The Artists Are Also Astrophysicists

Scientists studying dark energy are amassing thousands of images of galaxies and exploding stars. Now, they’re finally getting an art show.
[MEG MILLER for Co.Design]


Scientist Brian Nord receives 2016 Director’s Award

On Nov. 7, scientist Brian Nord was honored with the 2016 Director’s Award for his exceptional contributions to the laboratory’s education programs.


Physics becomes entertainment at Fermilab

Give five physicists 10 minutes to talk about their research as if they were a detective, Elvis or Stephen Colbert and you might regret sleeping through high school physics class all those years ago.
[Stephanie K. Baer